The latest news and developments from the Green lab at ASU.

Mahmoud Matar Abed: Master’s Defense

Mahmoud successfully defended his Master’s thesis on artificial enzymes based on two-dimensional nanomaterials. Congratulations!

Duo Ma: PhD Defense

Lab member Duo Ma successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “RNA-Based Computing Devices for Intracellular and Diagnostic Applications”. Congratulations, Duo!

Green lab receives DARPA YFA Director’s Fellowship

The Green lab has been awarded at DARPA Young Faculty Award Director’s Fellowship to provide $250,000 in funding to develop RNA-programmed systems for synthesis of libraries of antimicrobial drug candidates.

Abhishek Debnath: PhD Defense

Abhishek Debnath successfully defended his PhD thesis “Eradication of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Using Biomolecule-Encapsulated Two-Dimensional Materials”. Congratulations, Abhishek!

Fan Hong: PhD Defense

Lab member Fan Hong successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Computational Design and Study of Structural and Dynamic Nucleic Acid Systems”. Congratulations, Fan!

Yu Zhou: PhD Defense

Lab member Yu Zhou successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Sensing and Regulation using Nucleic Acid Devices”. Congratulations, Yu!