Dr. Zhaoqing Yan

Zhaoqing joined as Ph.D. student in 2017 and completed his Ph.D. in the BU MCBB program in 2022. He completed his B.Sc. degree in chemistry at the University of Jinan in 2016. He is interested in the programming DNA and RNA molecules that can be used for reporting or recording dynamic biological events. In his spare time, he enjoys playing badminton, dubbing, and playing flute.

Dr. Duo Ma

Duo joined ASU in 2014 and received his PhD in 2019. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Shandong University in China. His research was focused on designing riboregulators and exploring their applications in different systems. Besides research, he enjoys reading and playing guitar.

Dr. Yu Zhou

Yu obtained her PhD from ASU in 2019. Her research is focused on cellular regulation using de-novo-designed riboregulators and portable in vitro diagnostics. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and her master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Hunan University, China. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking and basketball.

Dr. Fan Hong

Fan completed his B.S. degree in chemistry at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2014. He joined ASU in 2014 as a PhD student in the group of Hao Yan and later also became a member of the Green lab. He is interested in design of DNA/RNA molecules that can be used to tackle biological problems and successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2019. In his spare time, Fan enjoys reading and hiking.

PhD Students

Dr. Kaiyue Wu

Kaiyue attained his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Wuhan University, China. He began his Ph.D. studies in 2017 and completed his Ph.D. BU MCBB program in 2022. His research focused on developing novel DNA/RNA sensing nanodevices using biological components. When not in lab, he likes playing with his cat.

Dr. Griffin McCutcheon

Griffin graduated in 2014 from Johns Hopkins University in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Following work at the NASA Ames Research Center, Griffin joined the Biological Design PhD program in 2017 and completed his PhD in 2022. His research focused on RNA-based circuits and genetic encoding of novel materials and structures. Outside of the lab, Griffin enjoys cooking, home improvement, and woodworking, as well as mountain biking.

Dr. Matthew Gilliam

Matt joined ASU in 2016 as a graduate student and completed his PhD in Chemistry in 2020. He received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 where he studied the stability of anisotropic gold nanoprisms. He currently works on liquid-phase exfoliated non-van der Waals 2D nanomaterials. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and jogging around campus.

Dr. Sanchari Saha

Sanchari is from West Bengal India. She did her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemistry from University of Calcutta, India. She joined the School of Molecular Sciences in 2016 and completed her PhD in 2021. Her research focused on developing novel biocompatible 2D materials to combat multidrug-resistant microbes. Her hobbies include painting, watching movies, and eating good food. 

Dr. Kirstie Swingle

Kirstie graduated from University of New Mexico with a B.S. in biology in 2014. She joined School of Molecular Sciences at ASU in 2016 and completed her Ph.D. in 2022. Her research focused on DNA and antibody systems for diagnostic design. In her free time, Kirstie likes reading, dancing, music, and hanging out outdoors. 

Dr. Soma Chaudhary

Soma joined School of Molecular Sciences in 2016. She obtained BS-MS dual degree from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM) majoring in Chemistry. Her research focused on reengineering nonribosomal peptide synthesis and developing novel diagnostic methods. She completed her PhD in 2022. In her spare time, she likes travel, cooking, and watching TV series. 

Dr. Abhishek Debnath

Abhishek did his Bachelor’s in chemistry from Presidency College, Kolkata and his Master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2014. He joined Dr. Green’s lab in 2015 and received his PhD in 2019. His research involved the development of novel antimicrobial materials for combating multidrug-resistant bacteria. Apart from research, he likes swimming, badminton, and reading.

Dr. Anli Tang

Annie joined the lab as a graduate student in 2014 and completed her PhD in 2020. She obtained her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from ASU. Her research focused on developing aptamer-based sensors for pathogens and reengineering nonribosomal peptide synthesis. Annie enjoys hiking and collecting vintage handbags.

Dr. Ahmed Yousaf

Ahmed Yousaf joined the Green group in 2015 and completed his PhD in Chemistry in 2018. His research was focused on the development of novel boron-rich two-dimensional materials.

Master's Students

Jinan Qin

Jinan received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2020 at Hunan University. He joined the lab as a graduate student in BME in 2021. His research focuses on cell-free systems. Outside of the lab, he likes playing basketball and listening to music.

Mahmoud Matar Abed

Mahmoud joined ASU in 2018 as graduate student in Materials Science & Engineering on obtained his Master’s in 2019. He has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico-Humacao. He studies the catalytic activity of nanomaterials with enzyme-like characteristics. He enjoys playing soccer and is eager to learn different languages.

Suneet Kale

Suneet received his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in 2013. After two years in the private sector, Suneet graduated with a Professional Science Masters in Nanoscience from ASU in 2017. Outside of the lab, he enjoys reading and learning new languages.

Zachary Ticktin

Zach was a 4+1 student completing his masters in Biomedical Engineering. He is interested in designing biological circuits to detect infectious diseases and modulate gene expression. Outside of the lab he enjoys golfing and working as a medical scribe in the Banner Thunderbird Emergency department. 

Yuexin Li

Yuexin finished her bachelor’s degree in 2017 in Biochemistry at ASU. She obtained her master’s degree in biochemistry in the Green lab in 2018 and does synthetic biology research in the group.

Undergraduate Students

Minjoo Yuk

Minjoo is an undergraduate biochemistry student scheduled to graduate in 2021. Her goal is to pursue a professional career as a trauma surgeon. She loves spending time exploring new restaurants and attending music festivals when she is not busy with school.

Michael Staren

Michael graduated in 2019 from Barrett, the Honors College with a BS in Biological Sciences and completed an honors thesis studying CRISPR-based RNA detection. He will be completing a Master’s of Science in health care delivery in 2020. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing golf, and hiking.

Zhikai Liu

Zhikai is an undergraduate pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  He conducted research formulating flame-retardant coatings enabled by 2D nanomaterials.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and sleep.